About Grand Park


Grand Park
Set yourself free and grand by letting your one and
only world spring out from each one of your cells.
Maintain your true physical strength and let your cells bounce.
You will notice the change of your posture, breathing, body and mind.
Following to a strong and flexible body and soul, in any kind of situation.
Make your feelings of “like” “eagerness”,
“desire of knowledge”, clearer and more colorful.
Just start by sitting on a fitness ball and bounce!
It will definitely inspire you.
No matter if you’re not a fan of exercising or vice versa,
just bounce to the music.


Ayu Honda
Introduction of
Ayu Honda
Tairyoku Maintenance Associates / Instructor Trainer / Fitness ball Instructor
Physical Fitness Instructor / Postpartum Care Instructor
Oral Training Workshop Instructor / English Lesson Workshop Instructor
Ambassador of Super Natural / Higashimachi Grand Dental Clinic
Mother of a boy. / Hobby: Surfing, music, English conversations
Born and raised in Takachiho, Miyazaki Prefecture, surrounded by great nature.During high school, studied abroad in the USA and UK. Worked as a tourism ambassador, in hope of spreading the whole world about my favorite Miyazaki Pref.Always activated by the full spirit of “wanting to do ” and “Wanting to know”.I’m enthusiastic to what I love (fashion, hobby, environments), sometimes too enthusiastic that people around me can’t keep up with it.
Where it all started as a “New Myself”


Where it all started as a
“New Myself”
After giving birth and generally being called “Mrs.Honda” or “Mommy of 〇〇” ,I started to question myself “Who am I?”
Asking the same question again and again, I was barely looking after my child and doing the housework. Then came the Kumamoto earthquake. That’s when I thought, “I must live my own life!” “I must make a change”. But how? Suddenly I came up with fitness ball exercise which my husband, an orthodontist, was adopting as an aim of adjusting children’s posture and breathing.
At first, I hardly could sit and bounce on the fitness ball, but bouncing and studying it, in between parenting I started to enjoy it as a daily exercise.
As I continued, my body started to move along with the music. My longing of losing weight was accomplished and my suffers of physical upsets was completely gone. I could control my posture, my breathing and also my mental conditions as I desired. I felt my core stem inside me. Maintaining the body and soul in good conditions, led me to the real me, and I was moving on to my new goal before I could even notice myself.After a long journey of searching for my real self, at last I came upon it. I love being my “New Me” which keeps on refreshing to another new style.
I could make the change. So, can everyone else!Nurturing my Physical strength maintenance, and living the “here and now”, I am creating the opportunity of changing people in a better way.