body & brain

Collaboration of Tairyoku maintenance and
Brain maintenance
Maintaining the true physical strength leads to modifying the
autonomic nervous system and activate the cells.
Brain maintenance will activate the brain to a higher level,
leading you to notify the conditions of your body and mind.
Not being captured to the past or future, or to your present environment,
you will attain a free mind with physical strength and
willpower to actually achieve your dreams.
  • Balance ball
    Exercise Lesson
    Sitting on a balance ball, we will be bouncing. A cardio exercise combining step moves and brain training activities. You can build physical strength, improve posture and respiration, and also eliminate stiff shoulders. It will empower your body stronger with more flexibility, enabling lighter movements.
    This class is for
    (regardless of gender)
  • Post-Partum
    Total Care Class
    This class aims to comprehensively take care of postpartum mother’s body and soul, whom are reluctantly in an unstable condition. Not only caring for the body conditions, we will be performing methods of handling postpartum minor discomforts. Also, there will be brain training activities and knowing the typical postpartum brain functions. Ultimately you will be able to create yourself more likely than prenatal.
    This class is for
    Postpartum mothers after
    2 months of birth
    (You may attend with your child)
  • Executive
    Total Care Class
    A program of both Physical Strength Maintenance and Brain Maintenance. According to the participants’ requests, there will be maintenance activities for the body and brain, with daily self-care methods and breathing practices to modify the autonomic nervous systems. By training not only the body but also activating the brain, you can improve your daily performance. Highly recommended to busy people such as corporate executives and athletes.